Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday Gone Wrong

You know what I love about Lazy Sundays?  Most of the time you can stay in your pajamas, plod around your house in bunny slippers and do absolutely nothing.  Our morning started off that way.  For breakfast I made my family some old fashioned oat meal with honey and added raisins and almond slivers for the adults.  Afterwards Izzy was allowed to watch some Dora the Explora while hubby played WOW and I caught up on some blogging.

The sure fire way to ruin a lazy Sunday are unexpected guests.  That's right, when someone gives you a call out of the blue to stop by for a visit.  Your heart starts racing as you think of the dirty dishes in the sink, the toys strewn all over the floor, the unmade beds, the growing list of things that need attention for your house to be presentable.  My parents called to say they were in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by to play with Izzy.  Luckily my absolutely wonderful hubby (yes he made up for dropping the ball) ran around the house like a mad man while I bathed and dressed myself and Izzy. 

Guess what!  I got that call at 10am and it's now 1pm with no sign of them.  The house is clean, Izzy's down for her nap and they are a no show.  Well, not yet a show.  If they ever do come by I hope it's after Izzy gets a FULL nap.  Oh well, there went our lazy Sunday.  How's yours going?


  1. AHhh! I would hate that. I hope they showed up, at least. Because all that cleaning would have made me batty if they didn't! Sorry that happened to you and hope her nap was a very lonnnng one! :)

  2. Oh my! It's not too late to put your PJs back on, is it?

  3. @Andrea Actually is was a good thing they didn't show up until later. Izzy got a 1.5 hour nap and they brought us lunch.

    @Asianmommy Too late but all of us are clean at least. :)

  4. I know about lazy sundays and I know first hand about unexpected visits. Atleast you got a phone call most of the time I get a knock on the door. Imagine cleaning up in rapid speed with guest out your door :) looking forward to following your blog. I saw you on bloggy mom. I am Emma and my blog is

  5. Grrr at least you have a good attitude about it. I would have been not so happy.


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