Monday, August 1, 2011

Fell Off the Wagon

I fell off the wagon today.  I totally intended to head to Stroller Strides and ended up waking up after the first 15 minutes of it was already over.  That's not all I also had a cookie and a grande white chocolate mocha.  Totally bad for me, I know.  On the flip side I had REALLY good sleep last night and I'm feeling more rested than I have in a the past few days.  I'm feeling a little guilty though.  Should I repent my ways and work out tomorrow to make up for missing my workout today.  Probably should huh?  The weather is supposed to be in the upper 80's to low 90's tomorrow.  I think I'll either take Izzy for a bike ride or bring her with me to the YMCA to fit in some time on the treadmill.  If I'm lucky they won't call me out to "collect" my daughter before I'm done with me workout.  Wish me luck mammas!


  1. I fell off the wagon about a week ago and haven't gotten back on. We just went through this big move and I don't know anybody here and my kids haven't started school yet. Getting outside to do anything has been impossible with the mega hot weather. I do walk my dogs several times a day, but that's about all I'm getting right now. Must. Quit. Snacking. :S

  2. @The Health Revival Thank you for commenting! I still haven't gotten back on the wagon. Something always comes up when it's time to head to Stroller Strides. Lately, Izzy has just been sleeping in.


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