Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Big Girl

Oh blog how I've neglected thee. I've been wrapped up with real life for some time that I've forgotten about my online life, shame on me. One thought has been rambling around me head all day that I just wanted to jot it down. My little baby isn't really a baby anymore. She developing more and more mannerisms of a little "big" girl. It's made me stop and question where all the time has gone.

Getting her hair done
First, I was so wrapped up in the newness of being a parent and a mom. I was enjoying all the coos and gritting my teeth at all the poo. Then it was all the small milestones like smiling, laughing, and rolling over. Those first few months things seems to happen so quickly that I can't really remember the actual dates she starting doing all these things. Looking back I wish I wrote everything down so I could look back on them more closely. I felt really disorganized and lived day by day just sleep deprived.

The fun moments was when she started being more mobile. I look back and think more of my feeling of anticipation and utter pride that my baby was "army" crawling around the living room and then attempting to pull her self up and stand. I just am SO amazed at the amount of accomplishments babies go through during the first two years to do the things we normally take for granted. It wasn't until I started watching my daughter try them for her self that I witnessed the joy or frustration she went through. It was like being a cheerleader on the side lines rooting her on at every step.

Now she's running around the house, climbing on to anything she can get her hands on. She's even talking in basic three word "sentences". "More bubbles please" isn't pretty but it gets the point across perfectly. Man, I'm such a proud momma! Toddler-hood is in part entertaining and frustrating. She is such a character and girlie girl. My little baby isn't really a baby anymore and it makes me sad, happy and proud that she's gotten this far.

What about you? What point did you stop and reminisce?

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  1. I actually did write things down and keep perfect track for a year with #1, then Hubby threw out the calender on accident =(
    Either way I remember most of those times and enjoy the memories of both my girls.

    Lately (or really since #2s birth) I have been having so many of these moments of complete awe because I know this is the last time I will be seeing "my" kids grow and develop. It is amazing to watch and every day with them is such a blessing =)


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