Friday, April 8, 2011

Spa Day Gone Wrong

How many ways could a day go not quite right?  Today was suppose to be a momma day.  A day all about me and for me.  I booked an all day spa day at Revive Day Spa & Salon.  It was going to start with a facial, then a salt scrub, moisture body wrap, followed by a deep tissue massage and ending with a mani/pedi.  That sounds like heaven right?  I have that whole day planned, my husband was on board to watch Izzy for me while I got polished, marinated and tenderized.  As you can already guess it didn't quite go as planned.  There was a scheduling problem at the spa.  One of the girls called in sick and they were working on getting a replacement while I was getting my facial.  Because of the uncertainty I was shuffled to and from the waiting room.  Katheryn did all my treatments when the masseur didn't show up.  I was able to get all the treatments except the massage.  To be fair because of the scheduling problems they made the scrub and wrap complementary.  It just wasn't the relaxing day that I planned because I was shuffled back and forth.  When I was just starting to unwind and get relaxed I had to move somewhere else.  I think if things went smoothly then that spa day would have been great.  I loved Katheryn, she's was knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  I think I'll give that place another shot considering they gave me complimentary treatments worth $150. 

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