Monday, April 11, 2011

Again?!?! ARGH!

ARGH!  I'm am sick yet again?!?!  I'm not surprised considering Izzy had a little congestion and a sniffle the past few days.  But really, another cold?!?!?  So far it's localized to a sore throat and a cough but this is starting to get really irritating.  It's seems like we're sharing every cold that comes into this house.  It seems like this winter season is worse than the last one.  The only thing I can think of that is contributing to this is that Izzy is eating solids.  I am constantly tasting her food to make sure it's not too hot, too cold, etc.  Not to mention she always wants to try whatever it is I'm having.  Now that I'm thinking about it I should probably have a few spare spoons at the dinner table to we're not sharing the same spoon if one of us is sick.  I know, bad mommy for not thinking of this sooner.

On the bright side the past two little "colds" she's had have been limited to congestion and a little sniffle.  I'm the only one that gets hit hard.  I guess you could say that her immune system is getting a good workout.  Personally, I just want to NOT BE SICK for a few weeks straight.  You hear that body, get off ya arse and get better.

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