Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Buds

Izzy and Oscar
There is nothing better to watch then a friendship starting to blossom. We got our dog, Oscar an American Eskimo in 2005. I love him but sometimes he can be a butt head. He's a little white dog that looks a little like Bolt. He picked up some bad habits from my mom's dog namely barking. He's also pretty protective of us.

Sharing secrets
So while I was pregnant my biggest concern was how he'd be with Izzy. As soon as she was born he knew she was apart of his pack. Every time she cried he'd come find us. Now that she's walking and eating solids he's her best free. A highchair dog is a happy dog.

These days they follow each other around. Him, when she has food. Her, every other time. I've seen her crawl into his bed with him and cuddle. Ahhh.... best buds.
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  2. So cute! Looks like they're gonna be really good friends. =)


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