Monday, July 23, 2012


I tend to start hobbies that get neglected when life gets in the way.  Some of the hobbies I picked up last year were very beneficial to my family and our bank account.  Last year I started to coupon.  This "hobby" saved my family huge amounts of money that I meant to keep up.  As most of my hobbies I keep putting it off and off again until I wasn't sure where to pick up again.

Today, I decided to tackle my coupon hobby.  Why?  Even for the few months I was seriously trying to use coupons I couldn't argue with the money I saved on the things my family needs every day.  I was able to slow down my trips to the grocery store to once every 3 weeks or so for the very fact that I had a freezer and pantry full of food and I only would go when there was a good deal on an item.  Even months later I still have a box full of dish washing soap, laundry detergent, tooth paste and shampoo that I don't have to run to the store for.  I remember during the winter snow storm this year that I didn't have to brave the roads for anything.  We were covered.

Ever since we moved to our new house in March, I let that slide.  I have noticed that I do have to run to the store more often and I end up spend at least $100 for a few days worth of groceries.  Before I was able to take home 3-4 times the amount of items for the same price.  Why in the world have I been putting it off?

Today, I went through the pile Sunday papers and threw out all the expired coupons.  Tomorrow is my first shopping trip so stay tuned for the update.  If you're interested in couponing?  I would suggest you start out with The Coupon Project there's lot of information there that helped me get started.  Do you have a HUGE haul you want to share?

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