Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End is Near

I finally feel like I'm starting to get things done with this move.  The movers will be here on Friday and for the past two weeks I've been going through our house figuring out what's going, what's getting donated or given away and what's going into the trash.  So far we've already donated 7 bags full of clothing to goodwill and given away four shelves of books, baby things, furniture and cooking stuff to family and friends.  Tomorrow's plan is to go through the baby's clothes and toys to sort out the ones she's outgrown.  Then I'm going set aside everything I think she'll need until we're reunited with our household stuff.  I'll probably also set aside everything I'll need, finish washing clothes, bag up more things to donate/give away/throw away, and whatever else I can think of before my energy runs out.  I'm ready for this move to be over with and I vow (snicker) to never accumulate useless junk again.  Pfft!  Who am I kidding, it'll happen again.

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