Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saving for College too Daunting?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I am a first time mother and a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) I am thinking about my own daughter's future.  Every decision we make for our family, it's done with our daughter in mind.  It was a tough decision to stop working to become a SAHM.  I know the other SAHMs will agree with me when I say that finances are tough and budgeting is extremely important with only one income.  With a two year old at home saving for a college tuition sometimes goes by the way side the months when money is really tight.

I am SO excited to share information about Upromise's 10th Anniversary!  Upromise is a rewards program through Sallie Mae that helps their users save money for college.  To date they've already awarded over $600 million dollars in college savings.  Well, this year they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary by awarding $20,000 to their users that write a story about how they support their child's dream.

All it takes is visiting their site at and submitting your story.  It only takes minutes to sign up as a user and write your story You can also vote for your favorite story by visiting their Facebook page and "liking" them.  Upromise will give away $1,000 to 10 winners and a grand prize winner for $10,000 will be selected from the participants as well.  Check out the dream wall official rules for more information.

College is expensive and at some institutions one year costs more than a car.  The most important thing to me is to be able to give my daughter the opportunities that I had growing up.  I want her to have her choice of any college she wants to go to.  I don't want to ask her not to go to a college she's accepted at because we can't afford it.  I want my daughter to have the best opportunities and the best chance I can give her, starts with a college education.

I filled out my story under Maryann @ Mama Tales, so if you see mine send over a vote.  Or leave me a comment with the name of your story so I can send one your way.  Mammas don't hesitate!  Here is a sweepstakes to help you send your babies to college!   Let's keep this going in all the mommy blogs and communities.  Please repost this on twitter, Facebook, etc. and spread the word to other families than could use help with a college tuition.

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  1. I've been saving money with Upromise for YEARS!! Even before I had kids, I had signed up to start saving for my nephew. Then I was able to spread the savings amongst my kids as well. I love Upromise!

  2. @Mel I had no idea this existed until I wrote this post. I'm so glad I got this information though.


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