Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling the Burn

Started the weekend with a bang by fitting in one last work out with Stroller Strides.  For some reason I had no energy today.  I was dragging my feet throughout the entire workout.  I couldn't say that I had less sleep than I usually do but I was just TIRED.  I power walked through most of my workout and still managed to built up a good sweat.

Last Wednesday I injured my left knee during Stroller Strides and I've been favoring it ever since.  Today we did stairs and took each one going down but two on the way up.  During the way up it felt "wobbly" as if it wanted to give way.  This is with a knee brace so it looks like I have to be very careful of it from now on. 

It also seems like lunges and squats are a favorite of our instructor.  We do some variation every session and my legs are hurting.  I have a constant soreness to them that just won't go away.  They better make my tushie head north from all the ones I'm doing.

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