Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Settling In

Wow! I can't believe almost a month flew past since my last post.  I'm still alive and kicking in the Greater Northwest.  We recently relocated here towards the end of October due to my hubby's job.  The two of us took our time and really thought about where to choose for his next assignment.  We wanted to move to a place that we could see ourselves permanently settling down and raising our child (+ potential future children).  I won't go through how we made the decision but I will update you on how we like it.

I ABSOF-ing LOVE LOVE LOVE it here.  I can honestly tell you that I haven't been this happy in a long time.  I love the cold, wet, weather.  No, I'm not pulling your leg I really mean it.  I've always preferred cooler weather were I could add layers to be comfortable rather than weather that was so hot you cold sit still in the buff and still be sweating.  It's a slower pace here, the speed limit is 60mph and strictly enforced.  I guess since I know I can sit back and enjoy the drive without worrying too much about other speeding drivers.

It also feels like everything is falling into place relatively easily.  I say that (knock on wood) with my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it stays that way.  I met and made a new female friend that I can say she's becoming a good friend.  I was able to find two toddler playgroups for Izzy to make new friends.  We found and bought a house that we love and we're excited to move in when it's finished.  We found out that we have family here and they live very close to us.  I was able to endorse my license to this state without any hassle.  The last two pieces are for me to find a job I love and someone we trust to watch Izzy while I'm working.  I hope those pieces fall into place with similar ease.  Thanks for reading!

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