Friday, September 9, 2011

Do You Like Smoothies?

Right around the my hubby's 36th birthday he started talking about getting into shape as a family.  Well, in our case it was getting back into shape.  We've been talking more and more lately about how much weight we've gained since we were married six years ago.  I'll be honest, I'm 25 pounds heavier since I got married and had a baby.  Not to mention, having a baby doesn't make the new weight distribution pretty.

I've tried a few ways to get back into shape since having the baby and most of them haven't worked.  They didn't work for the simple fact that I didn't stick to it for one reason or another.  This time around my hubby is committed with me.  At least he's willing to stay on board with the diet modification.  One of the ways we're getting back into shape is through Shakeology.  It's a TASTY nutritious meal replacement and it will help you loose weight.

My hubby got the BlenderBottle by Sundesa with this little metal ball that you put in the cup.  After shaking it up it's not clumpy or gritty.  He didn't spend the money to buy me a cup, oh no! The cup he got for me was a freebie for spending over a certain amount when he bought a protein tub.  I would not have paid for that cup.  The grid on the top falls out of the hole and gets lodged on the side of the cup.  So what I get is this clumpy mess that feels like sand.  I've ended up dumping out two shakes because of it.  I want my own BlenderBottle by Sundesa and I'm trying to enter today's BzzCampaign at BzzAgent to get one.  

Do you love making shakes but not cleaning up the huge blenders?  Then help me spread the word about BzzAgent and the BlenderBottle by Sundesa.

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