Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The past week the majority of my posts have been all about photography but this blog is about mommy hood.  So I feel that I should get back to the basics and post something real.  Tonight my family had dinner at my sister's house.  This was after a day long play date with my nephew Nate.  We had lunch and then went to the park and they had a blast playing in the sand and on the jungle gym.  Izzy had one short nap (approx 1 hour).  It might not sound like a short nap but she only takes one a day and usually knocks out for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  However, a little boy which I won't be naming names (Nate) decided to throw something at the wall in the next room.  Okay, I'm sure a 15 month old wasn't really throwing stuff at the wall but all I heard were loud bangs so I just have to assume.  Music to my ears, it was not and it woke Izzy out of "knock out status" an hour early.

My hubby drove up after work so after dinner I had to drive the 35 minute commute back home with my tired, cranky little girl.  Wait for it.  Just as we got on the freeway she was screaming bloody murder and did not stop.  Not once, okay maybe to take in racking breaths but it was basically none stop.  I hate hearing my baby cry and was fighting the urge to pull over just to comfort her.  The sane part of my brain keeps telling me that it wasn't safe to pull to the side of the freeway, at night, alone.  That part was also telling me that if I stopped then she probably won't want me to put her don't to keep driving.  I just grit my teeth and keep saying "It's okay baby we're almost home" for THIRTY minutes.  It sure didn't feel like thirty minutes with a screaming baby sitting behind me.

No I'm not sure if it was the trauma from no comfort, the lack of sleep or what but my poor girl hasn't been able to stay asleep.  She's woken up  6 times since I put her down at 8:30 screaming and had to console.  There isn't another reason that I can think of for her to be that way.  She has a dry diaper, cuddling with mommy with access to the boob and yet she's still waking up A LOT.  I just hope that she's able to settle into a deeper sleep for the rest of the night.  Speaking of I should probably go to bed now.  Night mommies!


  1. Oh no! I hope she is having a better morning. I have had quit a few of those car rides where Piper was out of control screaming- a few times she cried so hard she made herself throw up! and the rest of the day/night seems to follow suit. It's awful, but I could never find anything actually wrong with her to make her so unhappy. I think that I've settled on it being a combination of her being overly-tired, overstimulated and needing comfort. Piper has outgrown the car screaming/crying now so I'm hoping i'll get lucky and baby #2 will spare me!

  2. @CaveGirl It was the funniest thing she woke up super happy this morning. I was dead tired of course but she was bouncing around even though she didn't sleep well. (Shrug) Babies!


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