Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out & About

Stop whinning Nate
 What a great day!  I've been a hermit for the past week nursing my daughter back to her baby babbling, Miss grabby grabby, running amuck toddler self.  Last week she was sick with a stomach bug that had her  vomiting one day and gave her diarrhea for seven days after that.  Well, she hasn't had a diarrhea diaper since 2pm on Sunday so I felt pretty confident to take her out.  Plus, it was a gorgous day in Sunny San Diego with clear skies and a temperature in the low 70's.

Indoors at JavaMama
 We met up with my mom, sister and my nephew for lunch at a pho place in Mira Mesa.  Basically pho is the Vietnamese version of noodle soup and very yummy.  Izzy loves loves her cousin Nate dog.  It might not look like it in this picture but everytime she sees him her face lights up.  She can't stop touching him, holding his hand, patting his head or even trying to feed him.  She sure treats the two month age difference seriously and it sorta seems like she's ready to be a big sister.  You should see her with her dolls.  I'm not sure we're ready to add to our family but it's cute to see Izzy taking on a big sister role with Nate.

Outdoor play
 After lunch we headed to Java Mama in Scripps Ranch.  I'm following @socalwithkids on twitter and she tweeted yesterday about how much fun her family had there.  She was nice enough to forward me the website for more information.  The place is great!  There is an indoor enclosed place area with tons of toys, books, dress up clothing, jungle gym, toy kitchen, etc.  From the hours of 10am-2pm they offer supervised open play time for only $3.50 and an extra $1 for siblings.  What I like about the indoor play was that there were bar stools facing it so Izzy could still see me and feel confident to play.  They have a coffee bar with snacks and pastries as well as wifi.  The also have a huge jungle gym outside with the rubber padding on the ground.  The kids were more interested in walking up and down the stairs then sliding or playing in the tunnels.  This was a great find.  We will definitely go thre again since you can't beat the price.  Thanks @socalwithkids and @JavaMamaCafe.


  1. Did this move from LaMesa? I used to go to the one in La Mesa.

  2. I'm not sure. This was the first time I've been there. Great place though.


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