Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heading to the Park

Sippy Cup Mom

I live in Sunny San Diego.  No, I'm not bragging.  This entire winter the weather has been suffering from a case of multiple personality disorder. 
Play area at Balboa Park
One day it will be in the 60's with an overcast and a breeze.  The next day it will be in the mid to upper 70's.  Doesn't sound so bad if you're from the east coast but it's lead to a number of colds in this family when we're out expecting one kind of weather when it's flips to another one.

Now that spring is on the way here I've been trying to get Izzy out more
Tot lot down the street
often to spend time in the sun.  Lately, we've been touring the local parks.  It's a great way for mommy to work on shrinking her but-tes-se-mo too.  We've toured 3 local park near our house, the community tot lot, Santee Park and Mast Park.  The best one so far is the one by Balboa park.  They have huge sand pits, picnic tables, grassy areas and two different jungle gyms.  We're looking forward to nicer weather to check out the SD Zoo and the Wild Animal Park.  What are you looking forward to with your toddler now that spring is in the air?


  1. My boys want to swim!! I am following you back:)

  2. Okay first let me say that I am totally jealous of where your live. Hubs says I am a San Diego gal being held captive in Virginia.

    It stinks you have all been so ill. I hope that passes soon. It looks like you have quite a lot of wonderful parks to go to. The San Diego zoo! Miss Izzy will love that :D I bet Momma will like it just a little as well ;D

    You can read my Toddler Talk post here:

  3. Hi there Sarah from thread and feather, Thanks for becoming a follower. I lived in San Diego a few years ago and boy do I miss the beach and the sunshine. Looks like a fun day, I love your blogs name too, very cute1

  4. Hi, I found your blog from Traveling Through Thursday. I love San Diego. I miss it very much...though I didn't move too far, a few miles to the OC. I totally agree with you about the weather, it's been moody. I can't wait for spring, my favorite season. Like you, I will probably be taking my son to nearby parks.

  5. Changing parks frequently just adds to the fun. I love that idea!

  6. I love when i make it to the Zoo and WAP! it has so much to offer and it's never boring. I'm in the Santee area and my toddler loves Mast and Harry Griffen park in La Mesa. This spring I want to take another trip to the New Children's Museum and try the Santee Aquatic Center! Fun, fun, fun =)

  7. Thank you for all the great comments! @SocialStudiesSoubrette while my hubby was selecting his next work place we choice VA but we're getting sent to WA.


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