Friday, March 11, 2011

Do Toddlers Have Flashbacks?

Poor Izzy.  While she was dealing with her stomach bug we had to take a trip into the ED and to her pediatrician's office.  It's a complete understatement saying that it was traumatic for her.  At the ED it was in the middle of the night, we got there at 10 pm and didn't leave to head home until close to 4am.  So first off I had a tired baby on my hands which all you moms know is a recipe for disaster.  Add in vomiting and gas pains it was explosive.  While we were there they needed to take an X-ray of her abdomen and of course the x-ray tech didn't have the room ready so he's moving the overhead equipment while her legs are strapped down to the table and I'm holding down her arms.  She freaked out from all the loud banging.  If that wasn't bad enough they were worried about an obstruction so she had to get an enema too.  I don't think there are children sizes because the applicator looks the same size for adults.

Today was her 18 month check up and she knew where we were once we walked past the waiting room to the offices in the back.  She was terrified it was almost as if she was having flash backs from the week before.  The nurse was just leading us back and she was crying so hard her face was turning red.  Otherwise the check up went well and to make sure she remembers the Dr.'s office is a bad place we left with shot for a souvenir.

So mommies, have you ever seen an instance where your child had a flashback of a place they went to?

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